Fig. 3: The size of the quark core. | Nature Physics

Fig. 3: The size of the quark core.

From: Evidence for quark-matter cores in massive neutron stars

Fig. 3

Predictions for the radius and the mass of the quark cores in maximally massive NSs are displayed. The maximal value that the speed of sound squared \({c}_{\rm{s}}^{2}\) reaches in each individual EoS is indicated by the colour coding of the corresponding point. Points corresponding to lower \({c}_{\rm{s}}^{2}\) values are drawn on top of those corresponding to higher ones. The NS in the inset visualizes a 12 km, 2M star with a 6.5 km quark core, built with a subconformal (\({c}_{\rm{s}}^{2}<1/3\)) EoS.

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