Fig. 1: Range of allowed NS-matter EoSs. | Nature Physics

Fig. 1: Range of allowed NS-matter EoSs.

From: Evidence for quark-matter cores in massive neutron stars

Fig. 1

The bands have been generated by superimposing large numbers of individual EoSs generated with the speed-of-sound interpolation method introduced in this paper. The colour coding refers to the maximal value that the speed of sound squared \({c}_{\rm{s}}^{2}\) reaches at any density. For comparison, the black lines stand for the different hadronic EoSs we have obtained from refs. 9,20,21. Finally, the light blue regions correspond to the CET and pQCD EoSs of refs. 12,14, and the rough location of the deconfinement transition in hot quark-gluon plasma, ϵQGP, is indicated for illustrative purposes.

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