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Metasurfaces for quantum photonics

A Publisher Correction to this article was published on 15 June 2021

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Rapid progress in the development of metamaterials and metaphotonics allowed bulky optical assemblies to be replaced with thin nanostructured films, often called metasurfaces, opening a broad range of novel and superior applications of flat optics to the generation, manipulation and detection of classical light. Recently, these developments started making headway in quantum photonics, where novel opportunities arose for the control of non-classical nature of light, including photon statistics, quantum state superposition, quantum entanglement and single-photon detection. In this Perspective, we review recent progress in the emerging field of quantum-photonics applications of metasurfaces, focusing on innovative and promising approaches to create, manipulate and detect non-classical light.

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Fig. 1: Quantum optics with metasurfaces.
Fig. 2: Integration of single-photon emitters with metasurfaces.
Fig. 3: Nonlinear and quantum metasurfaces.
Fig. 4: Photon manipulation by metasurfaces.
Fig. 5: Detection of non-classical light with dielectric metasurfaces.

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We thank M. Chekhova, M. Davis, J. Ruostekoski, D. P. Tsai and V. Zadkov for useful comments and suggestions. A.S.S. and Y.S.K. acknowledge support from the Australian Research Council (grant numbers DE180100070 and DP200101168), the University of Technology Sydney (Seed Funding Grant), and the Strategic Fund of the Australian National University. Y.S.K. acknowldeges support from the US Army International Office (grant FA520921P0034). G.S.A. acknowledges support from the R. A. Welch Foundation (grant number A-1943) and AFOSR award number FA9550-20-1-0366.

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All authors contributed to the writing of this manuscript.

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Correspondence to Alexander S. Solntsev or Yuri S. Kivshar.

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