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Publisher Correction: Resolved-sideband Raman cooling of an optical phonon in semiconductor materials

Correction to: Nature Photonics, published online 4 July 2016.

In this Article, the equation following the sentence “The extra damping introduced can be written as:” was incorrect and should have appeared as shown below:

$$\Gamma _{\rm{net}} = g\left( {\frac{{\kappa _{\rm{ex}}}}{{\kappa _{\rm{ex}}^2/4 + ({\it{\Delta }} + {\it{\Omega }}_{{\rm{LOP}}})^2}} - \frac{{\kappa _{\rm{ex}}}}{{\kappa _{\rm{ex}}^2/4 + ({\it{\Delta }} - {\it{\Omega }}_{\rm{LOP}})^2}}} \right)$$

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Correspondence to Jun Zhang or Qihua Xiong.

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