Fig. 4: Time trends for communication media. | Nature Human Behaviour

Fig. 4: Time trends for communication media.

From: The effects of remote work on collaboration among information workers

Fig. 4

af, The weekly averages for each variable, relative to the February average. Each variable was normalized by subtracting and dividing by the average FV for that variable. The vertical bars show the 95% CIs, but are in most places not much taller than the data points; s.e. values are clustered at the team level. The variables are the employees’ average number of unscheduled audio/video call hours (a), scheduled meeting hours (b), total hours in scheduled meetings and unscheduled calls (the sum of a and b) (c), IMs sent (d), emails sent (e), and hours between the first and last activity (sent email, scheduled meeting, or Microsoft Teams call or chat) in a day, summed across the workdays (f). The dips in all six metrics during the weeks of 16 February, 24 May and 14 June were due to four-day workweeks, in observance of Presidents’ Day, Juneteenth and Memorial Day, respectively. n = 61,279 for all variables.

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