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Making marine biotechnology work for people and nature

Transforming the rapidly growing ocean economy into a ‘blue economy’ based on principles of sustainability, equity and inclusivity is crucial. We contend that marine biotechnology is not on this trajectory and that a more holistic approach for people and nature is needed to bring marine biotechnology into the blue economy.

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Fig. 1: Commercialization of marine genetic resources.

a, R Kawka/Alamy Stock Photo; b, Lori Johnston, NOAA, public domain; c, Pauline Walsh Jacobson, CCBY 4.0; d, CC0 public domain.

Fig. 2: Marine biotechnology and conservation.


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R.B., A.P. and E.Z. are funded by FORMAS, project number 2020-01048. A.P. is funded by FORMAS, project number 2019-01220.

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Correspondence to Robert Blasiak.

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Supplementary methods for identifying patent sequences from marine species and IUCN Red List classification

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