Correction to: Nature Climate Change, published online 8 March 2021.

In the version of this Article originally published, in the sentence beginning “Here, we quantify global-mean relative sea-level rise...” in the Abstract, the value ‘2.5 mm yr–1’ should have been ‘2.6 mm yr–1’. Furthermore, the sentence “In 2015, this floodplain population is approximately 235 million people.” should have made clear that the value of the floodplain population was for the scenario without subsidence and climate-induced sea-level rise (SLR); it has now been amended to “Without subsidence and climate-induced SLR, the global floodplain population in 2015 would have been approximately 235 million people.” Also, the beginning of the subsequent sentence “Assuming no subsidence and no climate-induced SLR...” has been amended to “Still assuming no subsidence and no climate-induced SLR...” The online versions of the Article have been corrected.