Correction to: Nature Biomedical Engineering, published online 20 August 2018.

In the version of this Article originally published, the author Peter Blume-Jensen was not denoted as a corresponding author; this has now been amended and the author’s email address has been added. The ‘Correspondence and requests for materials’ statement was similarly affected and has now been updated with the author’s initials ‘P.B-J.’

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Author notes

    • Peter Blume-Jensen

    Present address: Acrivon Therapeutics, Lab Central, Cambridge, MA, USA

  1. These authors contributed equally: Matthew R. Golder, Jenny Liu.


  1. Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

    • Matthew R. Golder
    • , Jenny Liu
    • , Farrukh Vohidov
    • , Hung V.-T. Nguyen
    • , Deborah C. Ehrlich
    •  & Jeremiah A. Johnson
  2. XTuit Pharmaceuticals, Waltham, MA, USA

    • Jenny Liu
    • , Jannik N. Andersen
    • , Michail V. Shipitsin
    • , Sung Jin Huh
    • , Bhavatarini Vangamudi
    • , Kyriakos D. Economides
    • , Allison M. Neenan
    • , James C. Ackley
    • , Joelle Baddour
    • , Sattanathan Paramasivan
    • , Samantha W. Brady
    • , Eric J. Held
    • , Lawrence A. Reiter
    • , Jennifer K. Saucier-Sawyer
    • , Paul W. Kopesky
    • , Donald E. Chickering
    •  & Peter Blume-Jensen


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Correspondence to Peter Blume-Jensen or Jeremiah A. Johnson.

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