Correction to: Nature Astronomy, published online 14 June 2021.

In the version of this Article originally published, in the Acknowledgements funding from the National Basic Science Data Center had mistakenly not been included; the following sentence has now been added: “This work is partially supported by the cosmology simulation database (CSD) in the National Basic Science Data Center (NBSDC-DB-10, no. 2020000088).”. Furthermore, in the Supplementary Information file, in the caption of Supplementary Fig. 1 the colours used to describe the nearly parallel and nearly perpendicular filaments were the wrong way around; the correct text should have read “The distribution of significance (with respect to the random) for filaments that are inclined nearly parallel (cosϕ > 0.95, in orange) and nearly perpendicular (cosϕ < 0.05, in blue) to the line of sight.”. All versions of the Article have been amended and the Supplementary Information file replaced.