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Tensions between the early and late Universe

A Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics workshop in July 2019 directed attention to the Hubble constant discrepancy. New results showed that it does not appear to depend on the use of any one method, team or source. Proposed solutions focused on the pre-recombination era.

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Fig. 1: Compilation of Hubble constant predictions and measurements taken from the recent literature and presented or discussed at the meeting.

courtesy of Vivien Bonvin and Martin Millon.


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We thank KITP for hosting and supporting the workshop ‘Tensions between the Early and the Late Universe’. We thank all of the participants for an extremely lively and productive workshop. We are also grateful to those who contributed to the scientific results presented at the meeting but could not attend in person. Finally, we are especially grateful to V. Bonvin and A. Shajib for producing and updating versions of Fig. 1 during the meeting, keeping up with the fast pace of the presentation of new results. L.V. acknowledges support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme ERC (BePreSySe, grant agreement 725327). T.T. acknowledges support from the Packard Foundation through a Packard Research fellowship, from the National Science Foundation through grant AST-1714953, and from NASA through grants 10158 HST-GO-12889 and HST-14254.

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