Figure 2 : Illustrating the combined coverage of BPs in the solar atmosphere from three distinct vantage points.

From: The detection of Rossby-like waves on the Sun

Figure 2

The figure shows a longitude versus latitude snapshot of three-spacecraft BP identification and solar-rotation-averaged BP density for observations taken at 00:00 ut on 22 January 2012. a, BPs from SDO/AIA (black) and STEREO/EUVI (red, STEREO-Behind; blue, STEREO-Ahead). The vertical dashed lines indicate the central longitudes observed by each spacecraft. b, The comparable, 28-day averaged BP density centred on the same date (on a 2° × 2° grid). c,d, The pole-on projections of the BP density (on a 1° × 1° grid). Panels a and b show horizontal dashed lines at ±55° latitude and a dotted line on the equator for reference. Supplementary Movies 1–4 illustrate the temporal evolution of the panels in this figure.