Table 1 mRNA constructs expressing forms of RSV F protein designed for evaluation of immunogenicity in BALB/c mice.

From: Modified mRNA/lipid nanoparticle-based vaccines expressing respiratory syncytial virus F protein variants are immunogenic and protective in rodent models of RSV infection

  Signal peptide Transmembrane or Secreted Trimerization Domain Prefusion stabilized Reference
wtRSV F (mF) Native Transmembrane Membrane No  
sF Native Secreted Foldona No  
mDS-Cav1 Native Transmembrane Membrane Yes 7
sDS-Cav1 Native Secreted Foldon Yes 7
RSV F5 Native Secreted Foldon Yes 8
RSV F7 Native Transmembrane Membrane No 13
RSV F8 Native Secreted GCN4b Yes 11
  1. aT4 phage fibritin trimerization domain (Foldon).58
  2. bS. cerevisiae GCN4 trimerization domain.59