Table 1 Summary of clinical studies assessing infectious disease mRNA vaccines.

From: The promise of mRNA vaccines: a biotech and industrial perspective

Disease target Study stage mRNA Delivery formulation Trial citation Status Organization Ref.
RSV Ph1 mRNA-1172 Merck proprietary formulation Not known Ongoing Merck/Moderna 70
Rabies Ph1 RG-SAM [CNE] Cationic lipid formulation NCT04062669 Ongoing GSK
Chikungunya virus Ph1 mRNA-1388 Not disclosed Not known Ongoing (interim results) Moderna 71
Rabies Ph1 CV7202 LNP NCT03713086 Ongoing (interim results) Curevac 72
Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) and parainfluenza type 3 (PIV3) Ph1 mRNA-1653 LNP NCT03392389 Ongoing (interim results) Moderna 73
Influenza (H10N8) Ph1 mRNA-1440 LNP NCT03076385 Ongoing (interim results) Moderna 63
Influenza (H7N9) Ph1 mRNA-1851 LNP NCT03345043 Ongoing (interim results) Moderna 63
Cytomegalovirus (CMV); six valencies expressing a pentamer and gB Ph1 mRNA-1647 mRNA-1443 LNP NCT03382405 Ongoing (interim results for mRNA-1647) Moderna 74
Zika virus Ph1 mRNA-1893 LNP NCT04064905 Ongoing Moderna 75
Zika virus Ph1 mRNA-1325 Not disclosed NCT03014089 Completed Moderna 76
Rabies virus Ph1 CV7201 Protamine NCT02241135 Completed Curevac 69
RSV Ph1 mRNA-1777 Not disclosed Not known Completed (not yet reported) Merck/Moderna 68