Table 1 Clinical trials, participants, and vaccines.

From: Pandemic influenza virus vaccines boost hemagglutinin stalk-specific antibody responses in primed adult and pediatric cohorts

TrialTrial groupNVaccination scheduleImmune response sampling schedule
Homologous prime-boost studies in adults    
Trial 1: A/H1N125A/H1N1 AS0329A/California/07/2009 3.75 µg + AS03A on D0 and D21
Seasonal IIV3 on D42
D0, D21, D42, D182
A/H1N1 non-adjuvanted29A/California/07/2009 15 µg on D0 and D21
Seasonal IIV3 on D42
Trial 2: A/H5N126A/H5N1 AS0329A/Indonesia/5/2005 3.75 µg + AS03A on D0 and D21D0, D21, D42, D182, D385
A/H5N1 non-adjuvanted27A/Indonesia/5/2005 15 µg on D0 and D21
Trial 3: A/H9N227A/H9N2 AS0330A/chicken/Hong Kong/G9/1997 3.75 µg + AS03A on D0 and D21D0, D21, D42, D182
A/H9N2 non-adjuvanted30A/chicken/Hong Kong/G9/1997 15 µg on D0 and D21
Seasonal IIV4 study in adults    
Trial 4: IIV428IIV4 non-adjuvanted30Seasonal IIV4 15 µg per strain at D0
A/Christchurch/16/2010 (H1N1 pdm09)
A/Texas/50/2012 (H3N2)
B/Massachusetts/02/2012 (B Yamagata)
B/Brisbane/60/2008 (B Victoria)
D0, D21
Heterologous prime-boost studies in adults    
Trial 5: A/H5N1 booster29A/H5N1 AS03
Indonesia > Turkey
26A/Indonesia/5/05 3.75 µg + AS03A on D0
Placebo on D182
A/turkey/Turkey/1/2005 3.75 µg + AS03A on D549
D0, D42, D182, D224, D549, D591, D729
A/H5N1 AS03
Turkey > Turkey
29Placebo on D0
A/turkey/Turkey/1/2005 3.75 µg + AS03A on D182 and D549
Trial 6: A/H5N1 booster30,31A/H5N1 AS03
Vietnam > Vietnam
53A/Vietnam/1194/2004 3.75 µg + AS03A on D0 and D365D0, D21, D182, D365, D385, D549
 A/H5N1 AS03
Vietnam > Indonesia
49A/Vietnam/1194/2004 + AS03A on D0
A/Indonesia/5/05 3.75 µg + AS03A on D365
Homologous prime-boost study in children    
Trial 7: A/H5N132A/H5N1 AS0333A/Indonesia/5/2005 1.90 µg + AS03B at D0 and D21D0, D21, D42, D385
Placebo20Placebo at D0 and D21
  1. aTrials 1, 2 and 3: serum samples from participants who received adjuvanted vaccine were randomly selected, and samples matched by age and study center were then selected from the non-adjuvanted group
  2. bTrial 4: serum samples from participants 18−39 years of age were randomly selected
  3. cTrials 5 and 6: all evaluable samples from eligible participants were used (i.e. no random selection)
  4. dTrial 7: only samples from children (6−35 months) who were seronegative for A/H1N1pdm09 (A/California/07/2009-like) antibodies were selected to ensure that the children had not been primed through prior exposure to A/H1N1 virus. Not all study groups in the original trials were included; only the vaccines that were administered to participants whose samples were used in the present study are shown. IIV3: trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine; IIV4: quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine