Table 1 Current malaria vaccines under preclinical development or in clinical trials

From: Advances in malaria vaccine development: report from the 2017 malaria vaccine symposium

Parasite stage Vaccine classification Current status
Pre-erythrocytic stage
PfSPZ vaccine Whole organism (radiation attenuation) Phase II
GAP vaccines Whole organism (genetic attenuation) Phase I
RTS,S Subunit Phase IV
CVac Whole organism (chemical attenuation) Phase I
Blood stage
Chemically attenuated parasites Whole organism Preclinical
 AMA1-RON2 Subunit Preclinical
 PfRH5 Subunit Phase I
Mosquito stage (TBVs)
Pfs25 Subunit Phase I
Pfs230 Subunit Phase I
Pfs47 Subunit Preclinical
  1. Pre-erythrocytic, blood-stage and transmission-blocking vaccines are being evaluated in clinical trials (denoted as phases I to IV) or are being tested in rodent or non-human primate models (preclinical status).