Table 1 Megatrends in food and agribusiness5,6

From: The science of food security

Megatrend Consequences
A less predictable planet Supply of limited resources is being further constrained by more severe and unpredictable climate events and more potent microbes, pests and diseases, causing food producers to more seriously consider the environmental life cycle impact of food production activities.
Health on the mind An ageing population, rising levels of chronic disease and increasing social awareness around health and wellbeing are creating demand for foods that provide specific and holistic health outcomes.
Choosey customers Rising wealth, increasing choice and greater market access are driving demand for a more diverse range of foods and food service options that are tailored to individual preferences and lifestyles.
One world As food and beverage value chains become increasingly global, new market opportunities are created while at the same time introducing competition and supply resilience risks in a volatile world.
Smarter Food Chains Increasing demand for food, the use of big data and more sophisticated e-commerce platforms are driving the creation of leaner, faster, more agile and low waste value chains.