Table 5 Public attitude toward some web-posted information

From: Public perception of genetically-modified (GM) food: A Nationwide Chinese Consumer Study

Rumor Choice Percentage (%)
Do you think that hybrid rice is one kind of GM crop? Yes 15.8
Maybe 28.7
No 43.8
I have no idea about this 11.7
There are some opinions that some web posts against GM food were originated from non - GMO food companies. Their purpose is to mislead consumers and what they are doing is unfair business competition. What do you think about this? Yes, that is somewhat misleading 25.0
No, that is the fact, not misleading 18.1
I have no idea about this 56.9
There is an opinion that the transgenic technology from the US maybe the bioterrorism to China. If you are a patriot, you should oppose GM food. What do you think about this? Agree, patriot should oppose GM food 13.8
Disagree, debate on GM food should base on science 54.4
I have no idea about that 31.8