Table 3 Analysis of respondent’s attitudes on GM food

From: Public perception of genetically-modified (GM) food: A Nationwide Chinese Consumer Study

Question Respondent’s attitudes Frequency (%) a
(1) Which of the following reasons for supporting GM food are reasonable? 1. Since GM food have been investigated and approved by the government, it is safe to eat GM food 34.2
2. Compare with traditional crossbreeding technology, precision GM technology may increase and maintain yield, improve food quality and extend food shelf life 35.0
3. As environmental pollution is very serious in China, GM technology may improve the ability of crops to resist pests and viruses and reduce the usage of pesticide and chemical fertilizer 36.5
4. Breed new species and then produce healthier food such as rich in vitamins will benefit the society 48.2
(2) Which of the following reasons for opposing GM food are reasonable? 1. GM food may have unknown risk to human beings, such as some genetic defects, which may affect human beings for many generations. It will take a long time to validate the safety of GM food using scientific experiments 78.5
2. Generating new species against the law of nature may pollute the DNA of natural species, threaten the biodiversity and damage the ecological environment 55.5
3. Based on the theory of natural selection, antiviral GM crop may lead to virus evolution and formation of Super Virus, which will be very dangerous 49.0
4. Some European countries and Japan are generally more cautious about GM food, suggesting that GM food is risky and potentially dangerous 41.4
  1. aFrequency is defined as the number, either in Support (1) or Oppose (2) divided by the total number in the respective (Support or Oppose) area. Respondents could vote for more than one choice