Table 2 Details of sample types and test settings of respective biomechnical evaluations

From: Biomimetic heterogenous elastic tissue development

Test Tensile Compression 3 point bend
Sample type Dumbell section (50 mm length) excised as indicated (Supplementary Figure 10) Samples of approx 15 mm in height Adult trachea samples 84 × 25 × 23 mm
Test Conditions Cross head speed −20 mm/min Guage length-20 mm Crosshead speed 10 mm/min Crosshead speed-10 mm/min
Test description summary Tensile tests were carried out essentially in accordance with ISO37:2011 Samples were compressed to 50% of their original width. Each sample was pre-conditioned (at a rate of 15 m m/s) Trachea samples were subjected to three point bend test and the force required to move at a speed of 10 mm/min was recorded