Table 4 Characteristics of the participants with known colour vision deficiency (CVD).

From: Colour vision deficiency and sputum colour charts in COPD patients: an exploratory mixed-method study

  Age Sex Smoking pack-year history Associated medical conditions Pretest colour vision deficiency Posttest colour vision deficiency
  81 Male 0 Bronchiectasis Red/green Red/green
  40 Male 20 N/A Red/green Red/green
  19 Male 0 N/A Deuteranopia Deuteranopia
  20 Male 0 N/A Red/green Red/green
  62 Male 0 Asthma Red/green Red/green
  27 Male 0 N/A Red/green Red/green
  51 Male 0 N/A Red/green Red/green
  41 Male 0 HNPP N/A Red/green
Median (IQR) 40.5 (19)
  1. HNPP hereditary neuropathy with pressure palsies.