Fig. 2: Digital X-ray detector-on-foil. | npj Flexible Electronics

Fig. 2: Digital X-ray detector-on-foil.

From: Curved digital X-ray detectors

Fig. 2

a Cross section of the digital X-ray detector-on-foil. A solution-processed BHJ organic photodetector frontplane with p-type polymer donor (orange) and small molecule n-type acceptor (blue) is integrated on top of an IGZO TFT backplane. b Band diagram of the OPD frontplane. For the OPD active blend, only the energy levels of the HOMO of PCDTBT (5.4 eV) and LUMO of PCBM (3.8 eV) are shown. c Prototype of curved image sensor. d Bendable Hamamatsu FSS 600 CsI scintillator.

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