Table 2 Morphological changes of cells transfected with each transcription factor and their combinations in hESCs

From: Identification of transcription factors that promote the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into lacrimal gland epithelium-like cells

Combination of TF Morphological change (Day 5) mRNA expression of PAX6, BARX2, KRT15, AQP5, and LTF (Day 5)
None Spindle No
PAX6 Spindle No
FOXC1 Smooth No
SIX1 Smooth No
SIX2 Round BARX2a
PAX6 + FOXC1 Elongate BARX2, KRT15, AQP5
PAX6 + SIX1 Smooth/spindle No
PAX6 + SIX2 Round/spindle No
FOXC1 + SIX1 Spindle No
FOXC1 + SIX2 Elongate BARX2, AQP5a
PAX6 + FOXC1 + SIX1 Elongate PAX6, BARX2, KRT15, AQP5, LTF
PAX6 + FOXC1 + SIX2 Spindle/elongate BARX2a
  1. aThe details of partial expression of lacrimal gland-related markers are shown in Supplementary information