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Publisher Correction: Chlorophyll f synthesis by a super-rogue photosystem II complex

The Original Article was published on 09 March 2020

Correction to: Nature Plants, published online 9 March 2020.

In this Letter originally published, in Fig. 1b, the arrow associated with the label ‘PsbF’ was missing and there was an erroneous arrow in the top left corner. The original and corrected figure is shown below. In the bottom graph of Fig. 1d, the values 0, 1, 2 and 3 were missing from the y axis, as was the x axis label ‘Time (min)’ and the label ‘Chl a’ for the peak of the curve. Furthermore, in Fig. 2c, the label ‘ΔD1’ should have read ‘His-CP47/ΔD1’. These errors have now been corrected.

Fig. 1b

Original and corrected.

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Correspondence to Peter J. Nixon.

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Trinugroho, J.P., Bečková, M., Shao, S. et al. Publisher Correction: Chlorophyll f synthesis by a super-rogue photosystem II complex. Nat. Plants 6, 427 (2020).

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