Prof. Jayne Yack (left) and her team study animal sensory systems and communication at Carleton University. Their paper on ‘The evolutionary origins of ritualized acoustic signals in caterpillars’ was accompanied by a video from our multimedia team. Prof. Masami Kamigaito (middle left) from Nagoya University and his team of polymer chemists reported on ‘Sequence-regulated vinyl copolymers by metal-catalysed step-growth radical polymerization’. Prof. Chuan-Feng Li’s (middle right) group performs research in quantum information and their paper published in Nature Communications on the 12th of April 2010 was an ‘Experimental investigation of classical and quantum correlations under decoherence’. Prof. Jens Stougaard (right) from Aarhus University and his collaborators published ‘The molecular network governing nodule organogenesis and infection in the model legume Lotus japonicus’. Credit: Jayne Yack, Masami Kamigaito, Chuan-Feng Li, Jens Stougaard respectively