Fig. 5: Stress test. | Nature Communications

Fig. 5: Stress test.

From: A mechatronic shape display based on auxetic materials

Fig. 5

Stress test is performed on the different materials and auxetic structures. Solid Polycarbonate of 3.1mm (0.122”) thick, (SolidPolyCarb122, represented with the solid black line on the graph). A 3.34mm (0.133”) thick polycarbonate with the auxetic structural cut, without coating (AuxPolyCarb133, represented with the gray dotted line in the graph). The final surface of the device with the 5.5mm (0.22”) thick polycarbonate and the silicone coating, 10.1mm (0.43”) total thickness (Poly22-Silicone43, represented with the green dashed line on the graph).

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