Fig. 6: Virtual unfolding results. | Nature Communications

Fig. 6: Virtual unfolding results.

From: Unlocking history through automated virtual unfolding of sealed documents imaged by X-ray microtomography

Fig. 6

Virtual unfolding results for unopened letter DB-1627 (a, b) and opened letter DB-2040, showing a XMT-textured image after virtual unfolding (this image has been inverted and linearly scaled to increase contrast of text and other details, such as a visible watermark in the center and laid and chain lines of the handmade paper); b crease pattern image; and c a close-up view of a portion of the final texturing results for opened letter DB-2040 (inverted and linearly scaled), compared to d a photograph demonstrates low geometric distortion of the virtually flattened result across a crease (indicated by the dashed blue line). Scale bars: a 10 mm, b 50 mm, c, d 10 mm.

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