Fig. 1: Detection of map-model fit errors using FSC-Q. | Nature Communications

Fig. 1: Detection of map-model fit errors using FSC-Q.

From: FSC-Q: a CryoEM map-to-atomic model quality validation based on the local Fourier shell correlation

Fig. 1

FSC-Q values calculated for the 20 S proteasome structure (EMD-6287) are projected onto the map generated from the atomic model (pdb id: 6bdf) (a) or on the atoms of chain Q of the atomic model (b). Scale: red indicates atoms that may be associated with noise and blue indicates poorly fitted atoms or areas with low resolvability. ce Rotamers of several amino acids in the 20 S proteasome structure that have been altered. In each panel, the original rotamer is shown on the left and the modified rotamer on the right with their corresponding average FSC-Q-scores. For the calculation of the average, the absolute FSC-Q value of each atom was considered. c Rotamers of three long-chain amino acids that are clearly out of the density (LYS-163 chain B, GLN-36 chain V, and GLN-141 chain T). d Very subtle modification of the residues: PHE-35 chain 1, SER-105 chain Q, and THR-39 chain R. e Residues in which the modified rotamers overlap with other densities (LYS-9 chain L, LYS-29 chain R, and THR-58 chain Z).

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