Table 3 The average loss of forest carbon and its projection to the remaining Atlantic Forest area.

From: The erosion of biodiversity and biomass in the Atlantic Forest biodiversity hotspot

Dbh cut-off (cm) Carbon loss (%) Equivalent forest loss (km2) Equivalent carbon loss (Tg C) Carbon credits (Billion US$)
≥5 25.3 55,082 451.3 2.257
≥10 32.0 70,279 524.5 2.622
  1. The proportion of carbon loss was obtained per biogeographical region and then multiplied by the remaining forest area of each region to obtain the equivalent forest loss, i.e. the Atlantic Forest area that would match the carbon losses caused by postdeforestation human impacts. The equivalent carbon loss was computed based on the equivalent forest loss and the reference values of carbon storage per biogeographical region. We assumed a value of US$5 per Mg C paid for carbon credits obtained from projects of forestry and land use.