Table 2 The magnitude of the loss of forest biomass, species richness, and species properties due to human-induced impacts.

From: The erosion of biodiversity and biomass in the Atlantic Forest biodiversity hotspot

Forest descriptor Dbh cut-off (cm) Absolute loss (%)
Forest biomass ≥5.0 25.3
≥10.0 32.0
Tree species richness ≥5.0 30.9
≥10.0 22.9
Species properties
  Wood density ≥5.0 2.2
  Max. adult height ≥5.0 −1.9
  Seed mass ≥5.0 35.7
  Ecological group ≥5.0 32.6
  Extinction level ≥5.0 25.2
  Endemism level ≥5.0 42.1
  1. The average proportion of losses were obtained from the averages of the absolute loss predicted (predicted–observed values) for each survey normalized by the reference values of low-disturbance Atlantic Forest fragments (Supplementary Table 5). The average of the proportional absolute loss was weighted by the probability of having a surveyed fragment of the same size in the entire pool of Atlantic Forest fragments, a probability obtained from a log-normal distribution fitted to the size distribution of the ~250,000 forest fragments. This procedure was conducted separately for each biogeographical region of the Atlantic Forest and then averaged across regions weighted by the area of each region.