Fig. 5: Molecular modeling of MPCM. | Nature Communications

Fig. 5: Molecular modeling of MPCM.

From: Molecularly-porous ultrathin membranes for highly selective organic solvent nanofiltration

Fig. 5

a Three-dimensional view of an amorphous cell of MPCM with a dimension of 30.39 Å × 30.39 Å × 30.39 Å, and the accessible surface at a probe radius of 1 Å marked blue. b Voids distribution with size distinguished by color. c Simulated pore size distributions of the constructed MPCM. Interconnected (green) and isolated (red) voids space considering probes of d 0.85 Å, e 1.2 Å, and f 1.55 Å radius, respectively.

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