Fig. 4: Spin energy mode. | Nature Communications

Fig. 4: Spin energy mode.

From: Evidence for spin-dependent energy transport in a superconductor

Fig. 4

H = 1 T for this figure. a, c Theoretical calculations for and measurements of the detector differential conductance as a function of detector voltage and injection current for the detector Jdet1. The peaks P1–P4 observed experimentally and reproduced in our calculations are due to spin down (P2, P3) and spin up (P1, P4) excitations. b, d Vertical slices of a and c at \(e{V}_{\det }=\pm | \Delta -{\Delta }_{\det }-{E}_{{\rm{Z}}}|\) (red for + and blue for −), indicated by the dashed blue and red lines in a and c. A charge imbalance can be seen, i.e. the red and blue traces, which give, respectively, the number of electron-like and hole-like non-equilibrium quasiparticles, are not identical.

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