Table 2 Detailed description of the optogenetic manipulations for each experimental group in Experiment 1 (Day 1).

From: Preventing and treating PTSD-like memory by trauma contextualization

Optogenetic manipulation Group
Day 1
Before Conditioning i.p. injection
Experiment 1    
No Laser No Laser/ArChT Veh (NaCl) OFF/NaCl
No Laser No Laser/ChR2 CORT OFF/CORT
No Laser ON/ChR2 (activ.) CORT dCA1 Activ./CORT
No Laser ON/ArChT (inhib.) Veh (NaCl) dCA1 Inhib./NaCl
ON/ChR2 (activ.) No Laser CORT Pre-trauma dCA1 Inhib./NaCl
ON/ArChT (inhib.) No Laser Veh (NaCl) Pre-trauma dCA1 Activ./CORT