Fig. 3: Analysis of PEDOT coatings on various bricks. | Nature Communications

Fig. 3: Analysis of PEDOT coatings on various bricks.

From: Energy storing bricks for stationary PEDOT supercapacitors

Fig. 3

a Linear current–voltage curves show ohmic behaviors of nanofibrillar PEDOT coatings possessing comparable resistances. b Water absorption experiments on bricks enables studying their open pore structure and all bricks show insignificant changes in water absorption after PEDOT coatings with type 1 brick absorbing the most water due to a higher porosity. c A nanofibrillar PEDOT coating exhibits superior adhesion on type 1 brick versus other types during Scotch tape tests. Unfortunately, the commercial product PEDOT:poly(styrene sulfonate) delaminates completely after coated on type 1 brick. d Cross-sectional scanning electron micrographs show the embedded PEDOT network in type 1 brick leading to robust PEDOT adhesion. Type 2 (e) and type 3 (f) bricks show distinct boundaries between PEDOT and brick that are prone to delamination.

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