Fig. 1: Landscape of somatic mutations in CMT. | Nature Communications

Fig. 1: Landscape of somatic mutations in CMT.

From: Cross-species oncogenic signatures of breast cancer in canine mammary tumors

Fig. 1

a The mutational landscape of 183 CMTs (40 benign and 143 malignant CMTs) are shown for nine recurrently mutated genes. For benign and malignant CMTs, major histology types are shown at the top. Six mutation classes with respect to functional changes in the encoded amino acids are shown according to the color legend. b Non-silent mutations in four PI3K-Akt pathway genes are shown in lollipop plots. c Mutant allele frequencies of 3968 and 497 mutations in benign and malignant CMTs are compared. d dNdScv values are compared between 38 benign and 136 malignant CMTs. The significance was estimated by two-sided U tests. For all boxplots in this manuscript, the median and 1st/3rd quartiles of the data were plotted as the center line and the lower/upper boundaries. Whiskers represents the minimum and maximum of the data after removing outliers, which were defined as values smaller than 1st quartile – 1.5× IQR (interquartile range) or larger than 3rd quartile + 1.5× IQR.

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