Fig. 1: Warmest daytime temperatures (tx01) in the UK. | Nature Communications

Fig. 1: Warmest daytime temperatures (tx01) in the UK.

From: The increasing likelihood of temperatures above 30 to 40 °C in the United Kingdom

Fig. 1

a Timeseries of the UK mean tx01 from HadUK-Grid observations (black line), and simulations with 16 CMIP5 models with all climatic forcings (red lines) and natural forings only (blue lines). The observed value in 2019 is marked with a cross. Simulations of future years follow the RCP 4.5 scenario. The model data were bias-corrected to have the same mean during a reference period as the observations. b A map of the tx01 trends during 1960–2019 computed with HadUK-Grid data. Circles mark areas (of ~60 × 60 km) where most grid boxes have trends not significantly different from zero (tested at the 10% level), as determined by a Mann–Kendall test.

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