Fig. 1: Quantum dynamics of an EASE gate. | Nature Communications

Fig. 1: Quantum dynamics of an EASE gate.

From: Efficient arbitrary simultaneously entangling gates on a trapped-ion quantum computer

Fig. 1

a An energy-level diagram associated with the pth motional mode showing off-resonant red and blue sideband transitions that cause the desired two-qubit coupling between \(\left|00\right\rangle\) and \(\left|11\right\rangle\) quantum states. Here, ω± = ω01 ± μ, and n denotes the motional state. b Frequency spectrum of the motional modes ωp of the ion chain centered around the carrier frequency ω01 that induces a single-qubit state transition. Symmetric detuning by frequency μ for red and blue sidebands is applied to the pulses that illuminate ions to induce the desired EASE gate. c Motional-mode diagrams that show the geometric structure of the modes. The ion displacements from their respective equilibrium positions are proportional to the coupling strength \({\eta }_{p}^{(m)}\) between the different ions m and the different modes p.

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