Table 1 Search, visualization, analysis/integration, and download functionalities provided by each of the PCAWG data resources.

From: A user guide for the online exploration and visualization of PCAWG data

FunctionalityICGC Data PortalUCSC XenaChromothripsis ExplorerExpression AtlasPCAWG-Scout
Search by demographic data, specimen phenotype, molecular subtypeYY  Y
Search by genes and/or variantsYY YY
Search by genomic coordinatesYY   
Visualize multiple types of data together YYYY
Visualize coding variantsYYY Y
Visualize non-coding variantsYYY  
Visualize structural variants YY Y
Visualize mutational signatures and predicted drivers    Y
Visualize genome-wide profiles, including LOH, in Circos plots  Y  
Visualize tissue expression on a human figure   Y 
Visualize gene co-expression Y Y 
Visualize pathways, therapeutic associationsY   Y
Visualize summary of BAMs/VCFsY    
Kaplan–Meier analysis with statisticsYY  Y
Gene set/pathway enrichment analysisY  YY
View non-identifiable analysis results of protected dataY YYY
Discover differentially or co-expressed genes, mutually exclusive genomic events    Y
Annotations from other resourcesYY YY
Programmatic data downloadYY YY
Download BAMs, VCFs, primary filesY    
Download secondary processed dataYY YY