Fig. 2: Map of Titan. | Nature Communications

Fig. 2: Map of Titan.

From: The root of anomalously specular reflections from solid surfaces on Saturn’s moon Titan

Fig. 2

a The monochrome swaths are Cassini RADAR11 images. The purple and red dots are AO/GBT subradar locations; red dots are locations where the maximum-NRCS was ≥4 standard deviations above the noise. Dot radii are linearly proportional to maximum-NRCS. Colored tracks are Cassini RADAR altimetry observations where color indicates NRCS. There is a high concentration of large, red dots at ≈70–135°W, 15–30°S and many Cassini altimetry observations in this region also have a high NRCS. b Boxed area enlarged. The colorbar applies to both a and b.

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