Table 1 EL Performances of OLEDs for BINAP series.

From: Exploiting racemism enhanced organic room-temperature phosphorescence to demonstrate Wallach’s rule in the lighting chiral chromophores

Device xVona (V)Lmaxb (cd·m−2)CEmaxb (cd·A−1)PEmaxb (lm·W−1)EQEmaxb (%)100 cd·m−2 (CE/PE/EQE)cCRIdCIEe (x, y)
13.29343.183.031.592.12/1.73/1.03730.37, 0.44
23.210263.513.451.581.70/1.43/0.78630.45, 0.38
33.87813.332.371.363.09/1.99/1.29730.37, 0.37
  1. aVon is the turn-on voltage measured at 1 cd·m−2.
  2. bLmax is the maximum luminance (cd·m−2); CEmax is the maximum current efficiency; PEmax is the maximum power efficiency; EQEmax is the maximum external quantum efficiency.
  3. cthe performance of CE, PE, and EQE at 100 cd·m−2.
  4. dCRI is color-rendering index value.
  5. eCIEs are measured at EQEmax.