Table 3 Leave-one-out cross-validation in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex using 8 samples with snRNA-seq and bulk RNA-seq data available.

From: Accurate estimation of cell composition in bulk expression through robust integration of single-cell information

Bisque0.924 ± 0.0620.029 ± 0.010
CIBERSORTx0.671 ± 0.1530.070 ± 0.019
MuSiC−0.192 ± 0.1070.173 ± 0.013
BSEQ-sc0.098 ± 0.2160.120 ± 0.023
CIBERSORT−0.281 ± 0.0490.197 ± 0.012
  1. Proportions based on snRNA-seq were used as a proxy for the true proportions. Performance measured in Pearson correlation (R) and root-mean-square deviation across all 11 identified cell types in each sample. Reported values were averaged across the 8 samples with standard deviation indicated. We performed these experiments with 25% of the snRNA-seq data in order to accommodate the file size limit of the current web-based implementation of CIBERSORTx. Bold values indicate the highest performing method with respect to each metric. Source data are provided as a Source Data file.