Table 2 Emissions factors (EF) expressed as CO2 equivalents for the three GHG gases and the calculated combined global warming potential (GWP) expressed both per year (annual EF) and over the 30 year plantation production cycle (total EF).

From: Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from conversion of peat swamp forest to oil palm plantation

 CO2 not adjusted to Rh t ha−1 yr−1CO2 adjusted to Rh t ha−1 yr−1CH4 tCO2 eq ha−1 yr−1N2O tCO2 eq ha−1 yr−1GWP tCO2 eq ha−1 yr−1
Forest50.90 (4.82)a18.73 (6.12)14.78 (6.65)13.51 (6.34)47.83 (12.61)
Drained88.49 (12.04)a56.32 (13.15)0.52 (0.23)55.62 (21.47)104.86 (22.88)
Young oil palm81.37 (9.54)81.37 (9.54)2.68 (1.20)182.42 (78.03)258.53 (75.43)
Mature oil palm54.41 (13.25)54.41 (13.25)7.67 (3.43)34.34 (15.78)97.36 (21.68)
Annual EFbtCO2 eq ha−1 yr−153.1 (39.2–71.0)  90 (69.9–117.5)
Total EFbtCO2 eq ha−11591 (1177–2130)  2743.8 (2100–3524)
  1. Mean, standard error of the mean (in brackets) and SEDs are reported for the different conversion stages. Mean and 95% CI (in brackets) are reported for the annual and total emissions factors.
  2. aSoil emissions represent total emissions from both heterotrophic and autotrophic sources
  3. bBased on the Monte Carlo simulations