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Fig. 5: Interaction of AI and society.

From: The role of artificial intelligence in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Fig. 5

Schematic representation showing the identified agents and their roles towards the development of AI. Thicker arrows indicate faster change. In this representation, technology affects individuals through technical developments, which change the way people work and interact with each other and with the environment, whereas individuals would interact with technology through new needs to be satisfied. Technology (including technology itself and its developers) affects governments through new developments that need appropriate piloting and testing. Also, technology developers affect government through lobbying and influencing decision makers. Governments provide legislation and standards to technology. The governments affect individuals through policy and legislation, and individuals would require new legislation consistent with the changing circumstances from the governments. The environment interacts with technology by providing the resources needed for technological development and is affected by the environmental impact of technology. Furthermore, the environment is affected either negatively or positively by the needs, impacts, and choices of individuals and governments, which in turn require environmental resources. Finally, the environment is also an underlying layer that provides the “planetary boundaries” to the mentioned interactions.

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