Table 2 Dates for return to 1980 values for different ozone-hole metrics for 3D model simulations.

From: Delay in recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole from unexpected CFC-11 emissions

Ozone-hole metricModel simulation+
Minimum column ozone20632035206220572078206520582057
Hole area20672041206120562085206920592061
Mass deficit20672033206120592083206920602060
September mean ozone column
October mean ozone column (90oS–60oS)*20672031206620852085206920872060
  1. *For comparison the multi-model mean results from Dhomse et al.13 (MMM1S) for this metric are 2060 (2055–2066). + Simulation R2000_CFC12_67 includes additional constant CFC-12 emissions of 59 Gg yr−1 from 2018 onwards. Recovery to 1980 values does not occur in this run by 2100, so the run is not included in the table.