Table 1 Details of 3D model simulations.

From: Delay in recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole from unexpected CFC-11 emissions

 Model simulation
Purpose and descriptionControlFixed ODSNo increased emissions.
CFC-11 emissions estimated by decay of 2002 bank only
Impact of meteorology.
Simulations with repeating annual meteorology for years given below
Impact of additional CFC-11 (and CFC-12) emissions.
Simulations with CFC-11 scenario estimated from box model (CFC11_B) or from WMO (2018) at constant 67 Gg yr−1
Impact of VSLS.
Simulation with zero chlorinated VSLS
Time period1980–20901960–20902000–20181955–20802018–2018–2018–2018–2018–2018–2018–2018–
CFC-11 emissionsWMO1960 vmrBox model S_NoIEWMOWMOWMOWMO67 Gg yr−1Box model67 Gg yr−1Box modelWMO
  1. + Also includes additional constant CFC-12 emissions of 59 Gg yr−1 from 2018 onwards.