Table 1 Parameters estimates for the NaKL SSN model.

From: Optimal solid state neurons

IonParameterVLSILower boundUpper boundVLSI → SSNHH → SSN
NaT\({\tilde{I}}_{gm}\) (nA pF−1)502009.70162.75
 \({V}_{tm}\) (V)
 \({\beta }_{m}\) (V−1)13110015.378.405
 \({\tilde{I}}_{\tau m}\) (nA pF−1)1000.12001000.6854
 \({\tilde{I}}_{gh}\) (nA pF−1)502008.9244.638
 \({V}_{th}\) (V)
 \({\beta }_{h}\) (V−1)131100163.581
 \({\tilde{I}}_{\tau h}\) (nA pF−1)0.330.12001.10.1482
K\({\tilde{I}}_{gn}\) (nA pF−1)2.502003.303164.18
 \({V}_{tn}\) (V)
 \({\beta }_{n}\) (V−1)13110014.508.372
 \({\tilde{I}}_{\tau n}\) (nA pF−1)0.40.12000.540.6747
Leak\({\tilde{I}}_{\mathrm{L}}\) (nA pF−1)0.101000.11950.23105
 \({\beta }_{\mathrm{L}}\) (V−1)13110011.1321
 \({E}_{\mathrm{L}}\) (V)0.70.0011.80.69490.6194
 \(\beta\) (V−1)1310161614
 \({\tilde{I}}_{\mathrm{dark}}\) (nA pF−1) −0.05+0.05+0.0090
  1. Column 3 lists the voltage thresholds, current biases and sigmoidal parameters, which are set in the VLSI micro-circuit implementing the SSN model in silico. Columns 4 and 5 specify the parameter search intervals used in data assimilation. Column 6 lists the SSN parameters inferred by assimilating the membrane voltage of the VLSI neuron (twin experiment). These parameters ought to be the same as the VLSI parameters (column 3). Column 7 gives the SSN parameters estimated by assimilating the membrane voltage synthesized by the Hodgkin–Huxley (HH) model (Supplementary Table 1). \({I}_{\mathrm{inj}}\) had units of nA, and \(V\), \({V}_{m}\), \({V}_{h}\) and \({V}_{n}\) units of V