Table 1 Overview of the methods used in Studies 1–4, including samples, design, and predictor variables, as well as dependent variables (DVs), either in non-interdependent or interdependent tasks

From: Acute hunger does not always undermine prosociality

Method Study 1 Study 2 Study 3 Study 4
Sample size N = 62 N = 103 N = 267 N = 363
Setting Laboratory Laboratory Field Field
Design Experimental Experimental Correlational Quasi-Experimental
Predictors Induced hunger Induced hunger Natural hunger Natural hunger (before vs. after lunch), Incentive (food or money)
Manipulation Check Subjective hunger, blood glucose Subjective hunger, blood glucose Subjective hunger
DVs_non-interdependent SVO, social mindfulness SVO SVO, DG, volunteering
DVs_interdependent PGG, SHG PGG, UG