Table 2 Energy and cost assumptions, high and low scenario

From: An inter-model assessment of the role of direct air capture in deep mitigation pathways

Technology   Electricity [GJ/\({\mathrm{t}}_{{\mathrm{CO}}_2}\)] Heat [GJ/\({\mathrm{t}}_{{\mathrm{CO}}_2}\)] Cost [$/\({\mathrm{t}}_{{\mathrm{CO}}_2}\)]
DAC1 High 1.86 8.16 30019
Low 1.317 5.317 18017
Floor    10017
DAC2 High 1.122 7.222 3506
Low 0.668 4.468 20038
Floor    5070
  1. This table shows the energy and cost assumptions for DACCS. Costs refer only to capital, labour and maintenance expenditure, while energy costs are determined endogenously by the models.