Table 1 Biophysical characterization of stabilized ConM SOSIP trimers

From: Structure and immunogenicity of a stabilized HIV-1 envelope trimer based on a group-M consensus sequence

SOSIP versiona v4.2 v5.2 v7 v7-ferritin
Production   Yield (mg/L)b 0.9c 0.9c 4.9c 3.5
   Yield (mg/L)d 0.2e 0.7e 1.0e ND
Morphology NS-EMb Native-like trimers (%) ND ND ~100c ND
   Closed native-like trimers (%) ND ND ~45c ND
  DLSb Rh (nm) ND ND 6.4c 13.4
   Pd (%) ND ND 12.5c 59.9
Thermostabilityf DSCb Tm (°C) 65.1c ND 67.8c 72.0
  DSCd Tm (°C) 65.6e 68.8e 66.7e ND
Glycan composition HILIC-UPLCb Man8 (%) 21c ND 12c 20
   Man9 (%) 23c ND 25c 24
   Oligomannose (%) 75c ND 68c 75
  1. DLS dynamic light scattering, DSC differential scanning calorimetry, HILIC-UPLC hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-ultra performance liquid chromatography, ND not determined, NS-EM negative-stain electron microscopy
  2. aA linear representation and an overview of the modifications made to the trimer variants is shown in Figs. 1b and 2a and Supplementary Table 1
  3. bData were derived from 293F cell-expressed and PGT145-purified SOSIP trimers
  4. cData were derived from SOSIP trimers containing a D7324-tag
  5. dData were derived from 293S cell-expressed and 2G12/SEC-purified SOSIP trimers
  6. eData were derived from SOSIP trimers without a tag
  7. fTm values that were obtained with D7324-tagged SOSIP trimers were up to 0.3 °C higher than those without a tag