Table 1 Enzymes and histone modifications represented in the model

From: Theoretical analysis of Polycomb-Trithorax systems predicts that poised chromatin is bistable and not bivalent

Activity Enzyme or complex (Drosophila) Enzyme or complex (vertebrate) Model name
H3K27me3 addition PRC2 (subunit E(Z)) (H3K27me3)79,80 PRC2 (subunit EZH2) (H3K27me3)77,78 PRC2
H3K27me3 removal dUTX85 UTX (KDM6A) and JMJD3 (KDM6B)46,82,83,84 UTX
H2Aub addition PRC1 subunit dRING (monoubiquitinates H2AK118)88 PRC1 subunits RING1A and RING1B (monoubiquitinate H2AK119)88,89,90 PRC1
H2Aub removal PR-DUB subunit BAP-193 PR-DUB subunit BAP-194 PR-DUB
H3K27ac addition CBP (acetylates several residues including H3K27)96 CBP and p300 (acetylate several residues including H3K27)40 CBP
H3K27ac removal RPD3 (deacetylates several residues including H3K27)96 NuRD (deacetylates several residues including H3K27)97 NURD
H3K4me addition TRX (H3K4me1)42 TRX (H3K4me2)105 SET1 (H3K4me3)103,104 MLL1 (H3K4me1)42 MLL1 (H3K4me2)105 SET1 (H3K4me3)101,102 TRXG
H3K4me removal Lid (KDM5 homolog)112,113. dKDM2115 JARID1A (synonyms: RBP2, KDM5A)111. KDM2B86 KDM
H3K36me addition ASH1 (H3K36me2)43,107,108 ASH1L (H3K36me2)109,110 TRXG
H3K36me removal Fbxl10 (synonyms: dKDM2, JHDM1A)91 Fbxl10 (synonyms: KDM2B, JHDM1A)114 KDM