Table 1 Genes featured by monoallelic expression/imprinting in breast tissuea

From: A comprehensive overview of genomic imprinting in breast and its deregulation in cancer

Gene symbol SNPs Gene symbol SNPs Gene symbol SNPs
MTCO1P12 c rs112232512 (1.42E-75) MEG3 rs3087918 (5.47E-27) SNHG14 rs4344720 (7.48E-20)
LINC01139 rs61746209 (6.14E-29) MEG3 rs3087917 (1.64E-30) SNHG14 rs3863396 (2.68E-19)
ZDBF2 rs7582864 (1.02E-21) MEG3 rs3742391 (2.13E-19) SNHG14 rs62002013 (3.83E-12)
ZDBF2 rs3732084 (6.54E-26) MEG3 rs12897172 (2.31E-17) SNHG14 rs2356294 (4.96E-24)
ZDBF2 rs1975597 (7.97E-30) MEG3 rs1884540 (1.78E-26) SNHG14 rs1043164 (6.41E-12)
ZDBF2 rs1448902 (2.02E-17) MEG3 rs2400941 (1.64E-29) SNHG14 rs691 (6.11E-33)
ZDBF2 rs4673350 (2.56E-23) MEG3 rs77658190 (2.45E-17) SNHG14 rs13526 (3.74E-29)
PAX8-AS1 rs7585510 (0.0068) MEG3 rs10132552 (4.26E-17) PLIN1 b rs4578621 (3.29E-06)
PTX3 b rs73158510 (5.44E-07) MEG3 rs3194464 (1.43E-23) ZNF597 rs37822 (1.47E-18)
NAP1L5 rs8605 (3.77E-22) MEG3 rs11160606 (1.53E-23) ZNF597 rs37823 (3.08E-18)
NAP1L5 rs710834 (9.10E-21) MEG3 rs1950628 (1.01E-26) ZNF597 rs11639510 (3.42E-25)
ZNF300P1 rs17800987 (4.87E-11) MEG3 rs1053900 (4.91E-34) ZNF597 rs37824 (3.21E-18)
PLAGL1 rs2328535 (3.09E-10) MEG3 rs1054000 (7.58E-27) ZNF597 rs12737 (1.01E-21)
PLAGL1 rs9373409 (1.40E-27) MEG3 rs8013873 (6.63E-27) USP32P2 b rs141915702 (0.0093)
PLAGL1 rs73006222 (2.41E-15) MEG3 rs11859 (2.17E-25) MTRNR2L1 c rs3931649 (3.16E-28)
PLAGL1 rs17615967 (1.76E-14) MEG3 rs74080162 (1.15E-24) MTRNR2L1 c rs113014658 (6.82E-09)
PLAGL1 rs77203559 (3.76E-15) MEG3 rs4378559 (8.76E-25) MTRNR2L1 c rs113626706 (5.74E-12)
PLAGL1 rs9321953 (1.48E-21) MEG3 rs12890215 (8.74E-25) MTRNR2L1 c rs3931650 (7.67E-29)
LOC100294145 rs241407 (2.71E-07) MEG3 rs55996894 (5.63E-21) ZNF331 rs113983639 (1.99E-13)
PEG10 rs35237090 (1.69E-17) MEG3 rs3742390 (6.24E-31) ZNF331 rs8110350 (4.12E-106)
PEG10 rs13073 (3.35E-13) MEG3 rs4906022 (8.42E-204) ZNF331 rs8110538 (1.74E-109)
PEG10 rs7810469 (6.18E-29) SNRPN rs2554426 (9.39E-16) ZNF331 rs8109631 (8.52E-175)
MEST rs10863 ( < detection limit) SNRPN rs705 (1.81E-71) PEG3 rs4801386 (0.00011)
HOTAIRM1 rs706018 (5.67E-36) SNHG14 rs2732028 (3.33E-15) PEG3 rs1558355 (0.00027)
H19 rs2075745 (6.63E-34) SNHG14 rs74335291 (5.12E-24) PEG3 rs723082 (1.62E-31)
H19 rs2075744 (3.21E-27) SNHG14 rs2732029 (6.71E-28) PEG3 rs3143 (7.86E-06)
H19 rs2839698 (3.18E-57) SNHG14 rs765438 (1.96E-28) PEG3 rs1055359 (9.07E-20)
H19 rs2067051 (1.94E-57) SNHG14 rs2732030 (9.43E-12) PEG3 rs11666110 (8.06E-28)
H19 rs2839701 (3.29E-61) SNHG14 rs10451029 (6.14E-22) PEG3 rs1860565 (1.02E-21)
H19 rs2839704 (1.40E-44) SNHG14 rs2052723 (1.14E-25) PEG3 rs33931963 (6.73E-28)
H19 rs2839702 (2.94E-50) SNHG14 rs2554419 (7.96E-31) HM13 rs6058058 (1.33E-10)
H19 rs2839703 (1.10E-46) SNHG14 rs719704 (3.32E-22) HM13 rs6059869 (4.04E-14)
H19 rs10840159 (2.28E-50) SNHG14 rs34316840 (1.13E-25) HM13 rs6059873 (1.29E-19)
H19 rs3741219 (1.01E-107) SNHG14 rs2732031 (1.23E-26) HM13 rs6059874 (4.88E-14)
RP11-109L13.1 b rs201284359 (4.97E-10) PWAR6 rs2732041 (1.60E-12) HM13 (MCTS2P) rs1115713 (7.94E-09)
IGF2 rs7873 (1.08E-268) PWAR6 rs2732043 (1.78E-13) GNAS/GNAS-AS1 rs1800900 (5.02E-16)
IGF2 rs2585 (< detection limit) PWAR6 rs2732044 (1.42E-26) BCR rs550197 (7.93E-50)
DLK1 rs1802710 (2.68E-28) PWAR6 rs1030389 (1.68E-28) CPHL1P rs12497062 (0.00027)
MEG3 rs78793760 (4.16E-21) PWAR6 rs62001981 (1.41E-26) ATP8A1 rs11940243 (3.21E-08)
MEG3 rs35458454 (5.16E-21) PWAR6 rs62001982 (1.09E-19) GLIPR1/KRR1 rs1056905 (1.20E-06)
MEG3 rs35431412 (1.62E-29) PWAR6 rs1045935 (6.76E-29) TPSB2 rs77309587 (1.52E-08)
MEG3 rs10147988 (1.07E-26) SNHG14 rs11637436 (1.44E-11)   
  1. aThe columns show the gene symbol (Gene symbol) and the ID of significantly imprinted SNP locus falling in these genes (SNPs) with its LRT FDR-adjusted p-value between brackets. Genes which are known to be imprinted or for which there is prior evidence of imprinting are marked in bold. Genes eliminated from our set of imprinted genes upon unsuccessful validation in GTEx are underlined.
  2. bCandidate imprinted genes due to limited coverage/allele frequency in GTEx or inconsistent results per exon
  3. cCandidate imprinted pseudogenes, involvement original mitochondrial genes could not be fully excluded (Supplementary Note 3e)